TechAbility Adobe Creative Cloud Setup Documentation

To begin the work, please follow the steps, which will explain in detail how to manage the installation of the Adobe Creative Cloud. This is a container for all of the Adobe applications.

Step One

Visit the Adobe students website.

Once on the page, click on “Try for free”

Step Two

Enter your email address. It is very important that this address ends in .org, .gov or .education

TechAbility Students: If you don't have a .org, .gov or .education email address for your child please contact us and we will create your child one.

Step Three.

Enter your payment and personal information

Create a password. Make sure to have at least one number or symbol, include both lower and upper case letter and be at least 8 characters long

Step Four.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud by clicking on apps at the top

Scroll down and click download on Creative Cloud

Step Five.

Once the download is complete click on it to begin the installation process

Launch Creative Cloud

Click on the “Install” button on the Creative cloud application for the course.

You are ready for your class. Have fun!