TechAbility Unity Setup Documentation

To begin the work, please follow the steps, which will explain in detail how to manage the installation of Unity.

Step One

Visit the Unity website.

Once on the page, click on Download Unity Hub.

Run this file to install the Unity Hub.

Step Two.

Run the Unity Hub, a Unity ID can be made by clicking on the silhouette icon inside the Unity Hub

Use an email address that you are sure you have access to and write down your new password somewhere you won’t forget it.

You will need to confirm your email before proceeding. If you do not use Gmail or Facebook as a sign in option.

Step Three.

After going through the steps of setting up the Unity Hub, Activate your Unity License from the Preferences menu, click on the cog next to the silhouette icon

Click on the License Management tab

Click on Activate New License, choose 'Personal' and then 'Not for Commercial Use'

Step Four.

Click here to install Unity

Step Five.

Click the Next button and make sure Microsoft Visual Studio and WebGL Build Support are checked

Click the Next button and complete the rest of the install process

Close Unity and resist the urge to play around until your teacher shows you what to do!